Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is fast approaching and Cadence turns 2 years old on Thursday.  Holy smokes, this has certainly been the longest - shortest 2 years we've ever had :)

I said to a patient the other day about parenthood, especially one with special needs, "it's amazing, there's never been a stretch in my life where i've been awake for more hours yet remembered little of what happened."  Well...there was University....

I've had a bit of blogger-block of late, haven't had much to say in truth but as always, reading Sixuntilme always puts me in the frame of mind I need to be in, her energy is contagious.  

Here's the current conundrum for this week.  Cadence's birthday is October 30th...Halloween is the 31st.  Obviously those two dates will be necessarily tied together for the foreseeable future.  Sounds perfect, a great kids "holiday" to go along with a birthday, an instant themed birthday party.  The only issue is that Halloween, for kids is predominantly based upon "loot", and that is Candy.  Pure refined, tooth decaying, insulin sapping sugar.  A diabetic's parent's worst nightmare in truth.  So you take a child's birthday, necessarily tie it into Halloween and try to tell a 2 year old that you can have a birthday gift but not the candy.  Oh the irony!  

We're already planning how to bribe her with some broccoli :)

Tonight we plan the infusion site change, the new insulin, getting everything ready for Cadence's birthday/halloween party.  We're finally going to get another Continuous Glucose Monitor into her again for this weekend, and that data I plan on posting here for reference.  Hopefully everyone on the block is giving out diet candy on Friday......better have a backup plan.  

Once again, as the old saying goes "exercise is the only Panacea we know", so as Cadence runs from door to door with the other kids, she'll be able to absorb the sugar in her system better.  We'll probably let her have some candy, as every kid does, and just plan for a long night.  Who knows, it's our first one and we'll be going at it with considerable creativity.

Happy Halloween!