Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm back

It's been awhile since i've posted and I have finally figured out why.

There are many reasons and excuses I could throw out there, a business purchase, crumbling professional relationships, family non-D is busy. The reason I've been delinquent about blogging is that I wasn't sure what to write. I had a comment from someone who said, is there anything that diabetes doesn't affect? I had to think about that question and for the longest time I sat looking at the cursor trying figure out what to write about that was fun, light, not related to diabetes. Well...the cursor still blinks. Don't get me wrong, there's a majority of our lives that are not related and certainly more that we don't let diabetes affect. But that's not what I write about, that stuff is awesome. LIFE IS FANTASIC IN EVERY SENSE. Diabetes is like cousin Eddy though...always there dumping his sewage tank out of his RV and spilling it onto your beautiful lawn. That's why I vent about it.

I write this blog for me. This blog is a place of emotional catharsis. It's used to be my little internet backwater that I never thought would be read, yet I get questions and emails regularly about the content. Being the parent of a diabetic is lonely place, it's a hard disease to spot. I write this blog for us I suppose and it feels good to do it. I've connected with many others that live in the same world through detailing our times of good and bad in the last 3 years of the D. I trended away from the purpose of this page, thinking that this blog had to evolve into other things. I was wrong. This blog is for me and the Diabetics, and especially the parents of, in the world that need to know there are others out there that feel the way we feel...and you know what? It's okay.

Guilt is a horrible feeling. I felt guilty that I hate diabetes more than my daughter hates it. I felt guilty about not checking her blood sugar last night because I desperately wanted to sleep...I felt it was selfish to put my need for sleep over her long term health. Granted she's 4 years old but she still feels the lows and highs. Nic and I feel bad d-days where we just throw our hands up and say "fuck you diabetes". Keeping in theme, I imagine me like Clark Griswold talking to Cousin Eddie, "maybe drive you out to the desert, leave you for dead." without Cousin Eddie picking up the reference. I think alot of parents feel this guilt and fear expressing their feelings for fear of being told "you're not the diabetic". A man whom I'd like to call a good friend, even though we've only met twice, is a 50 year old diabetic. He said "I think, as a diabetic, it's harder on the parents that it is the kid". To hear that from someone that has the disease was in part sad but in many ways brought relief and validation that it is okay to hate it, it is okay to be angry, and it is okay to feel helpless at times and hurt for my daughter.

So, I'm back and I'm not over diabetes, never over the fact that it will try to define my daughter's life, and of Thursday morning, the answer to the question "so is that diabetes settling down, you've got it under control?" will still be answered in the fashion of: the last time I stabbed her tiny finger and took her blood, it was, but I'll let you know in 2 hours.